Sunday, October 12, 2008

the perfect day

garrison keiller has written quite a lot about why people love minnesota, and why minnesota people love fall. in particular i remember reading an essay in which he explains that out-of-staters tend to visit during one of the very handful of perfect october days, and then fall in love with the state. we who live here all the time, though, cannot perfectly enjoy this day due to 1) guilt at the notion of such utter giddiness; and 2) knowing that brutal cold winter is just days (but hopefully weeks) away.

so in celebration of this enjoy-this-october-day-but-not-too-much-because-we-don't-want-to-jinx-ourselves, here are some images of fall from city cabin.

the postman's walkway:

the migratorily-challenged male grosbeak:

covet thine neighbor's maple:

the following are from the dwindling days of outdoor chances at farmer's market:

and, of course, more birds....

juncos just returned to city cabin yesterday:

this flicker's cuteness must make up for poor photo quality:

wood thrush:

like a nightclub for birds. because it's full of champagne: