Sunday, June 14, 2009

some pun using the classic film Willow should go here

we've played with sticks this week. or, to be more specific, with diamond willow, which is essentially a fungal infection gone right. in relation to this particular willow, here is one of the most poorly designed pages on the interwebs.

about two winters ago, it seemed like a good idea to trudge into a frozen swamp, clamber through some runty trees, pick out cool dead branches, drag them to a road, load them, use a sacrificed kitchen knife to scrape off all the bark, sand for hours, and then seal these branches (thanks for the help, dad! i love being an only child). the result is pure awesome:

so, these finished branches (each is about eight-ish feet long) sat in our garage for a long time. not because we didn't like the wood, but because we weren't quite sure how to best use it. there was thought of a Bird-Feeding Station (the idea grew to such epic proportions that we just gave up on it. tough to build disneyland in the back yard, you know?), something like a tripod, maybe railing, a border, who knows? and then, drunk on the feeling that the end of school will give a couple of teachers, we just went for it.

we made art:

and then we decided to shabby chic the railing on the front steps.

before (SO lovely):

last time you saw sparks, it was for stomp. now he's working to join savage aural hotbed:

a drill press older than the ages of all my pets plus me combined helped in process, along with the dremel, which seems to make an appearance in most home improvements:


and you might think snakes are awesome, but so are birds: