Wednesday, April 22, 2009

(back) into the wild

i'm going to totally ignore how long it's been since the last post. we've done some things--had a lot of art framed and matted (pictures forthcoming. i struggle with obscene amounts of reflection no matter where i try to take the photos), did some minorly epic oak tree trimming (oak is VERY HEAVY. that's why it's a HARDWOOD. we are geniuses), and small fixes here and there.

anyhow, it's spring.

the pond wintered fairly well. three mice lost their souls trying to cross the biggest body of water they'd probably ever seen. farewell, little Mouse Cortes.

and the guy loves to do things more than once. he calls this "fixing" while i call it "annoying". so, we dug up the pond yet again to re-level. i think we have it right this time.

and, as testament to the fortitude of carp across the globe, the goldfish lived through the winter. they were released back into their natural habitat of plastic vinyl tub today.

check that look of shock. lake's still a bit cold, little orange.

we're also planning another shade garden.

here it is, completely finished:

we'll throw these plants on the top, left in boxes and bags, of course.

and we're going to replace the bricks with old tires for full effect.

sometimes planting takes on proportions of danger, at least according to the box.