Wednesday, July 2, 2008

leaving the nest

yes! you are mighty correct in that we haven't done much updating at all. this is mostly because the guy is busy doing this, and took the camera with him for all those riveting tractor action shots:

can you HANDLE IT?????

while i, meanwhile, have been doing lots of things involving this pretty thing:

what the hell, let's see some more horse eye candy:

so, anyway, we've been busy doing summerly things. but, before that, we did actually do some home improvement in the department of Spending Money on Rocks.

i'm sure you remember the pond. well, i know you were holding out for the post-modern black plastic liner, but i'm too many years out of english majoring for that. so, we went and got ourselves some stone. chilton stone, to be exact. 600 pounds of it. let's enjoy the journey.

go neon! go neon! go, go, go neon!

the peace and tranquility of city cabin cemetery:

rocked hard:

i won't include the transcripts from laying this rock. let's just say...nothing.

three weeks later:

we have lots of landscaping to do around the pond(s). much of that will wait until the next planting season. however, i'm jazzed that at least one of the water plants is blooming cute little purple blossoms.

and then, the birds. baby birds everywhere. man, are they dumb and endearing. they know how to eat by themselves, but if ma or pa are around, they suddenly become helpless. it's been a great time anthropomorphizing in the backyard of city cabin:

more bird pics later, because today i'm too sad that the wrens have left the nest. wrens are excellent in every way.

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Laura! said...

Those rocks look pretty sweet!