Sunday, September 28, 2008

ahoy from fall

if i thought that this blog would be a once-a-month kinda place, i probably wouldn't have started the thing, as all it does is reinforce how little has happened around here since early summer. but hey! we have had some new bird sightings. and the dude has done more masonry work, which he does not love, but is actually pretty good at. so, here:

finally, a grosbeak. i've only been waiting a whole long year:

the front steps were a mess. i mean, they kind of still are a mess, and i imagine winning the lottery and having really cool block installed to replace the poured concrete. but i don't buy tickets so, my chances are only slightly less than people who DO buy tickets of winning.



in other news, we've done some more planting. the st. paul farmer's market had a purveyor who was selling 3 & 1/2 inch pots of perennials for a buck a piece. good deal. we threw down ten bucks, and then threw the plants in the ground. also, the nursery we bought our shade plants from sent some replacements which are also now in the ground. fall is looking pretty nice around here. too bad we've been too enamored with new bikes to really get much done. but hey. the snow will be here soon.

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