Monday, April 12, 2010

total geekout

we're having bees! everybody is tired of hearing me talk about it, i know. we pick up a 2-lb package of italian honeybees (total guidos) next wednesday. we still have to paint the hive bodies, but man, it's cool to have this stuff and think about bee awesomeness in the near future.


foundation. these are made of plastic, but the bees add wax to it, making them large enough to raise babies, store pollen/nectar, and make honey:


we are going to look SO DAMN COOL:

1 comment:

Ashleigh said...

how exciting! your own little Bee Mafia right out back...send us honey soon (how long does that take....)
Also, if you could pretend you're walking on the moon every time you put on the bee keeper suit that would really flesh out the images I've got going on in my mind about your whole bee operation.